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Conditioning Examples

The Big Bang Theory

The character named Sheldon stated that this is an example of operant conditioning:
Question 1: Is it really operant conditioning? Why or why not?
Sheldon also said that he could use electric shock to eliminate annoying behavior. He referred to this use of electric shock as “negative reinforcement.”
Question 2: Is it really negative reinforcement? Why or why not?

The Office

The character named Jim states that this is an example of classical conditioning.
Question 1: What behavior is being classically conditioned? How do you know that it is being classically conditioned?
Question 2: What behavior is being operantly conditioned? How do you know that it is being operantly conditioned?

Pavlov — Conditioning Experiment in a Boy

Question: Is this classical conditioning, operant conditioning, or something else?

The Mind (PBS, 1988)

Researchers used a conditioning procedure to determine when infants lose the ability to distinguish speech sounds not used in the language(s) spoken by those around them.

  • Question 1: Is this an example of classical or operant conditioning?
  • Question 2: If your answer was classical conditioning, what are the CS, UCS, CR, and UCR; if your answer was operant conditioning, what are the discriminative stimulus, operant response, and reinforcement/punishment?

Pavlov — Stimulus Discrimination in Monkeys

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